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Hacking BotNets....!

BotNet Overview: The zombies are coming! The zombies are coming! No, they are already here, and they don’t want to eat your brains, but your data! A zombie is when a hacker takes control of many computers without the user’s knowledge forming what is called a "BotNet," aka Zombie Army.


The term BotNet is a combination of words “robot” and “network” and a hacker uses that army of computers to attack other networks. BotNet’s are everywhere on the web helping people and companies to collect data, to infecting networks with viruses, or just learning your every click as you surf-the-web. A BotNet can be invisible to the average user and to the IT professional alike because they can be designed to do good work, or take-down an entire network depending on the goals of the designer. Some of the best BotNets have been found on thousands and even millions of servers.


The Zeus BotNet was one of the most powerful financial malware viruses on the internet. Its primary function was to steal online credentials, especially banking related information. Zeus used stealth techniques to hide itself from anti-virus software which is one of the reasons it was found on some 3.6 million computers.


Another one called the Simda BotNet infected more than 770.000 computers in over 100 countries. It had set up some fourteen command and control servers in the Netherlands, United State. Russia and Poland to name a few, and it took Interpol, the FBI, Kaspersky Lab, Trend Micro, Cyber Defense Institute and others working together to counteract the cybercriminals BotNet network.

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