Viruses and Computer Hacking

Viruses and hacking has come a long way from the early days of kiddie scripters using off the shelf applications to hack email systems and take down enterprise servers with simple DDOS attacks. Now days we have governments hacking governments, and organized crime groups hacking systems stealing trade secrets and causing massive identity fraud. This is just the beginning, because the cyber war has been happening for sometime now on the deep web. 


This cyber war is about to move into overdrive given the technology available to hackers today and the number of access points into any given network. In addition, their are still major applicaitons running on enterprise systems that are just not designed from the ground up with security in mind. These applications would have to go through a major rewrite on the magitude of the Y2K nightmare in order to fix, and no one is looking at it or willing to spend the money to remedy the problem.


Moreover, the web as it is today has just too many build-in flaws relating to how IPv4 and IPv6 protocols are encrypted and implemented within the OSI, TCP/IP layers. In addition, with the onsite of smart phones to smart tablets gaining access to networks. These smart devices have their own build-in design problems - from poor encryptions, memory leaks, bluetooth hacks, to mis-configured applications that open up the device to malware attacks.


We are only seeing the beginning of what is to come in malware attacks on smart devices.


Take a Look at some of the links to your left, here is just a few of the major viruses to hit in the last couple of years.


  * DDOS Attacks

  * Buffer OverFlow

  * Wireless Hacking P1 and P2

  * Stuxnet Virus

  * Conficker Virus




LET THE FUN BEGIN....Hack the Planet.....!



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